Sklar Bikes are custom built to order - One at a time by Adam Sklar

My name is Adam Sklar and I build each bike by hand here in my shop.

I have spent a lot of time on my bicycle. From summers spent as a mountain bike coach where I was in the saddle all day every day to racing cross country mountain biking and cyclocross, or just exploring back roads and singletracks with good friends.

If it wasn't bikes it would be something else. Tinkering, building, redesigning and improving a design is in my nature. I was inspired to pick up the torch and start building my own frames after an endless search left me dissatisfied with what I could buy off the shelf. I wanted a bike that was up for an adventure, and now I get to put that into each bike I create. Watching weeks of planning and design turn into a finished product that makes someone's life better is what I live for.

 I hope you’ll enjoy checking out the bicycles that I build with
my customers as well as the process that goes into them.
Feel free to contact me if you ever want to talk, or ride bikes!