My name is Adam Sklar and I have been building Sklar Bikes since 2014.

From those very first bikes through the next several hundred, I lived and breathed custom, hand-built bicycles every day. I worked closely with customers, spending weeks and often months learning their riding styles, the intricacies of how where they lived in rode translated into the type of bike they wanted and walked through what made them want the things they wanted in a bike. In that time I learned how to design a really good bike. Not just because I was able to experiment with geometry on my own bikes, but because I was translating what customers were asking for in to numbers in a drawing that resulted in a bike they loved.

Throughout the years I saw many trends come and go, but there were a certain set of desires that always stuck around. It was those lasting wants that inspired me to move away from custom and start offering built-to-order non-custom models. These bikes were the distillation of the Sklar design philosophy and they quickly became cult classics.

In 2019 I stopped taking orders for custom bikes. A multi-year lead time just didn't feel right and I wanted to focus on a new project building small run production bikes that would be approachable to more people. These production bikes are made in Taiwan by the best bicycle craftspeople in the world. I am still able to build them with the finest materials available and design them from the ground up with custom components that I design myself. They are fantastic bicycles and I am incredibly proud of them.

Today, while our business is primarily made up our production framesets, I am a tinkerer and a craftsperson at heart. I love to experiment on new ideas and test the waters for new production models with small batches of 3-5 bikes at a time, a few times a year. These small batch bikes spare no expense, they are dream bikes in the finest form. If the perfect tube or dropout does not exist, we make it ourselves. We are able to play at smaller scale in a way that does not make sense in a production product and they are all handcrafted by me in my shop in Oakland, California. 

So that is the story so far. At the end of the day I am just making the best things I know how and I hope they make people's lives better. If you ever have questions feel free to say hey.


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