Sklar Titanium Bottle Cage

When it comes to water bottle cages, they are not all made the same. A good bottle cage holds on tight enough to not loose your bottles and leave you thirsty on the trail but also is easy enough to get those bottles in and out of when you really need a sip. We find that springy titanium does this best and being super strong and lightweight is a nice advantage too. Not to mention the elegant bends on these cages will really tie that build together nicely.

These cages are slotted with 15mm of adjustability which can help you squeeze a bottle into a smaller frame, make your bottle a little easier to grab, make space for a framebag etc.

Weight: 32 g

Having bottles on rides is important! Pick up a pair of cages for your new build and you will probably be less thirsty than you would otherwise

Buy one for $68 or a pair for just $100!