Who still rides fixies? I do!

Do you remember the 2000’s? When the fixed gear craze hit the streets and everyone was riding their bike? Some may look back on this time with disdain, but tinkering on cheap craigslist bikes, converting them to fixed and selling them to college students was how I first came to enjoy bicycles.

Maybe it was the Instagram algorithms feeding me pictures of pretty, clean track bikes, or maybe it was nostalgia as I have had the luxury to build myself any bike I like, but this fixed gear had been floating in my brain for so long I finally had to make it be. Now it is one of my most ridden bicycles. The Gallatin Valley where Bozeman resides is home to hundreds of beautiful dirt and gravel roads. They are fun on any bike, but sometimes a long flat road needs some extra spice, and the scorcher provides that. Suddenly a 30 mile ride feels like 60, that chill turny downhill becomes an exhilarating descent and truly, bike maintenance becomes a distant memory.

I love hopping on this bike with no plans in mind, nothing to worry about and pedaling for as long as it feels fun. If you’ve been considering adding one of these to your stable I would highly recommend.

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