Gravel Grinder | All-Road | Monstercross


Cross, cyclocross, all road, gravel grinder, adventure bike - These versatile machines are getting more popular by the minute, and there are lots of reasons why. A drop bar bike with wider tires makes it easy to hop out the front door to explore long dirt roads with your friends but always keeps open the opportunity for spontaneous singletrack exploration. Maybe you want to run slicks for group rides and training, ride paths or roads and then put knobbies back on in the fall to race cyclocross. Add a few rack mounts, or even better, a few frame bags, and you can be set for the lightest to the longest tour you want. Make it a monstercross bike with 2.1 tires or bigger in the wheel size of your choice. If there is one bike to have in your quiver then this is it.

The possibilities with a wider-tired drop bar bike are endless. If your goal is to just get out there, enjoy being outside and do some pedaling, this is probably the bike for you.

Sklar drop bar bikes are available in buttery-smooth steel or lightweight Titanium. Read about all of the options below.

The Story

I first worked my way into building and riding gravel grinder or all road bikes as a means to get out and ride before snow melted off of the trails around Bozeman. Winters are long there and shoulder seasons even longer. The beautiful days of early spring taunted my mountain bike, though I soon found out an amazing network of beautiful gravel roads were dried out and waiting throughout the valley. These lesser travelled dirt and gravel roads changed the way I saw road biking. I found out as many others have since, that riding and not seeing any cars is pretty awesome. Also the dirt has a way of holding your attention a little better.

Since I had the bike I figured I might as well do some cross races and before I knew it I was counting down the days until the next CX race each fall. Winter evenings were spent scouring google maps for new dirt road routes for that first sunny dry day, or for multi-day gravel back-road routes come summer. If you are serious about biking then a cross bike is undoubtedly a must. The ideal way to explore, push yourself, and have fun riding.

Design Philosophy

Steel is a great material for the gravel, all road or cyclocross bikes. Smooth when you need it over rough surfaces, but stiff when the hammer needs to be dropped. Titanium offers a stunningly lightweight ride for a metal bike as well as unparalleled comfort due to the materials higher modulus.

Whether your background is in mountain or road riding your fit and ride characteristics can be perfectly tuned for a truly quiver killing bicycle.

Pricing & Options

The "Standards"

  • Tapered Head tube (optional)

  • Post Mount Disc Brakes

  • 142x12 Thru axles

  • Custom fit geometry and tubing selection

  • Hand built just for you

  • Single color wet paint or powder







$ Pricing

  • Steel Frame Only: Starting at $2850

  • Titanium Frame: Starting at $4400

  • Steel Forks:

    • Unicrown:

      • 1-1/8" Steerer: $595

      • Tapered steerer: $695

    • Segmented

      • 1-1/8" steerer: $795

      • Tapered Steerer: $895

  • Complete Builds: Starting at $4800


  • PMW Sliding Dropouts: +$125

  • Internal cable/hose routing: + $300 per route

  • Paint/additional graphics - Starting at $400