PBJ Handlebar - Riser bar for alt cyclists

The PBJ Handlebar is an aluminum riser bar that was specifically designed to pair with the Performance Basket Jammer frameset. This riser bar has a nice amount of backsweep that makes it a comfy all-day bar on bike tour or the right choice when the terrain is mixed. Made of incredibly strong 7000 series aluminum these bars also offer a nice flex. 

More backsweep in a bar puts your wrists and arms in a more ergonomic position. However, as you gain sweep it does become more challenging to control your bike in technical terrain. We find 34 degrees to be a really nice balance, about as much sweep as you can have while still having fun on the tech. This makes the PBJ bar a great choice for touring bikes, rigid mountain bikes and even gravel bikes if you want to run a flat bar gravel bike.

The center bend on the PBJ bar that creates the rise goes just a touch forward, meaning your hands are not as far behind the stem as they would be on most other swept back bars. This gives you the ergonomic feel of a sweepy bar while still playing nice with modern geometry MTBs and not having to run a super long stem.

Rise - 40mm
Backsweep - 34 degrees
Uncut Width - 795mm
Minimum possible width - 725mm
Clamp diameter - 31.8mm
Grip area length - 215mm


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