Sklar Titanium Seatpost

The unassuming seatpost can be one of the best upgrades for your bike and your butt. Titanium is known for its high strength and spring rate and those characteristics make it a fantastic material for a seatpost on your bike. This post is made of lightweight, thin-wall titanium that provides a flexy fixing point for your favorite saddle.

I will never forget my first ride on a Titanium seatpost. It was a long one and I finished with my "sitting area" and back and whole body really, feeling better. Who knew such a minor seeming part could make such a huge difference? That is the advantage of a nice flexy post - it absorbs road chatter, washboards and motion from pedaling and just makes for a comfier time on the bike. 

This post is 27.2mm in diameter with 0mm of setback and comes at 300mm long weighing in at 248 grams. A perfect match for the SuperSomething frameset.


Diameter: 27.2mm
Setback: 0mm
Length: 300mm
Weight: 248 grams