A titanium seatpost is one of the best upgrades you can make to your gravel bike. Comfort on the bike, especially on the saddle is everything when it comes to well... sitting on your bike all day. So many fit issues arise from poor butt comfort on the bike. An improper saddle or too harsh of a ride can cause discomfort in your sitting area that causes you to put your hips in a bad position, or your butt in a funky location that cascades through your back, shoulders and legs to cause all sorts of other fit issues on the bike, so you really can't afford not to keep that undercarriage happy.

It is often said that good equipment is equipment that you do not notice and that is really the case with something like a Titanium seatpost. I remember my first ride on one, I wanted to see what the hype was about and went right out for a 100+ mile gravel ride. Out on the bike it just felt like a regular old post, but when I got home I noticed my whole body feeling way less beat up than it normally would after such a big ride. That is the magic of springy, lightweight titanium. 

Titanium offers a great flexibility that helps to absorb road chatter, washboards and unever terrain before it reaches your butt. It is almost like having suspension, though this seatpost weights nothing compared to a suspension seatpost so we would argue it is better than suspension. It really is all about the ride quality, but being lightweight just makes this a win-win.

Another important part about a seatpost is a secure connection to the saddle. So many lightweight options out there skimp on saddle hardware and this is one of the most common places for a bike to get squeaky. We went with a super solid two-bolt system that is not only easy to adjust but holds your saddle firm and keeps it from making noise when you are pedaling along. Just another part of a silent, simple bike.

Our titanium seatposts are available now in 300mm length and 0mm offset. The perfect companion to your new SuperSomething frame or whatever bike you want to setup with the unrivaled comfort of a Titanium post.

Get your Titanium Seatpost here.

sklar titanium seatpost
sklar titanium seatpost
sklar Titanium seatpost

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